This page describes how I discovered the world of energy medicine.

Until 2018 I was working in different fields, mainly as a musician – keyboard player,  but also as a TEFL teacher, and assistant for people with physical disabilities.

But I had no idea that one day I would also work with energies. So let me tell you how I discovered the path of energy healing. It wasn’t at a holistic healing festival or a Mind Body Spirit fair, but in my very home.

In 2018, aged 41, I had a strange and rather scary experience when my body suddenly started losing power. Imagine unplugging an electronic device from the mains outlet and watching the lights go increasingly dimmer, until they fade away completely. I’ve always enjoyed observing this, but not when the ‘electronic device’ happened to be me…!

I could feel distinct energy leaving my body. It felt as if there was an electric current travelling from my shoulders down my arms and escaping through my fingers. I felt weaker and weaker and eventually, I just found myself collapsed on the floor. I started having blackouts and it seemed that my mind was detaching from my body too. It felt as if I was ‘thinking from another part of the room’, with my mind gradually floating away.

I was taken to hospital (overhearing the ambulance staff mentioning ‘a possible heart attack’) but I was released after several hours without any diagnosis. I don’t remember anything from that time in hospital, only that when my husband was leading me through the corridor towards the exit, my whole body felt as if it was weighing several tonnes and I could only move extremely slowly, inch by inch.

Since the hospital couldn’t tell me what had happened to me, I wanted to learn about self-healing, and came across Donna Eden. What she was saying about the body’s energies resonated with my experience, and I decided to enrol in Eden Energy Medicine 2-Year Certification programme and become a practitioner.

Almost as soon as I started studying Donna’s techniques, and implementing them in my daily life, I started feeling better. I noticed I was more resilient physically and emotionally; I stopped having frequent colds which I used to get every three months or so. My emotions were no longer overpowering and disarming me, thanks to simple yet powerful techniques that Donna Eden invented or adapted from ancient healing traditions.

I am interested in many modalities of holistic healing, and I am also a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.

If you would like to ask me any questions about energy medicine or Biofield Tuning, please feel free to get in touch using my contact details on the Bookings page.

I also recommend visiting my blog, https://naturegrooves.com/

Be well!

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